Monday, June 23, 2008

We need a home!

UPDATE: Both of these fabulous felines have been placed in great homes.

Our neighbors are currently trying to care for a very young, very sweet mother cat and her lone surviving kitten, and we'd like to help find them a home. The mother cat (I call her "Velvet") isn't much more than a kitten herself, maybe a year old, 2 at the absolute most. The kitten (I've been calling her "Teddie") is about 12 weeks old, still quite fluffy, and very playful; she was trying to play soccer with us last night. The ball is so much bigger than she is that my wife was calling her "Kittiana Jones" (remember the boulder scene in "Temple of doom"?).

Here are some pics of both. If you want to adopt them or know some one who might, please contact me. They're both very sweet and friendly and need a real home as soon as possible.

Here's some kitty eye candy. I know that once you have a taste, you'll want to hold and cuddle and play with them and take them home...

This is Momma kitty (I call her "Velvet). she's soft and sweet, and loves her kitten.

Say "Hi" to the kitten (I call her "Teddie"). she fluffy and extraordinarily playful.

"Better back off...ok, not really, I'm just playin'! Ain't I fierce lookin' , though?"

I'm hungry and lonely and want a hooman to take me home!!!!

Please help us find these girls a home.
Contact me at Lorence.Sing @ (take out the spaces to get the real address...)