Monday, July 07, 2008

It's as easy as riding a bike...

And today, that's what Boogie did.
After a nice dinner of Tilapia stuffed with crab, we headed outside to relax for a bit on the front steps. I decided that it was a great night for Boogie to try his bicycle without the training wheels, so he scurried inside, retrieved his helmet, elbow pads & knee pads, the air pump, his water bottle, the pliers and the adjustable wrench. Yes, he was quite prepared. After struggling with one of the training wheels for a good 10 minutes (that sucker just didn't want to come off!), we were finally ready.
I figured I'd be running along beside him, propping him up by the back of his seat for a good hour while he got the hang of riding, the balance, the steadiness.



Two times.

That was it! I only had to steady him up a couple of times and away he went:
The second time...

And away he went!

I'm completely stunned; he just took to it immediately. I think it took me a week to learn what he did tonight in all of 5 minutes. It wasn't a perfect trip every time, of course, but he only ate dirt once. He did get sucked into the retaining wall a few times, though:
conclusion: retaining wall = Bike magnet

After about an hour of practicing going back and forth on the sidewalk, I think he was pretty pleased with himself:

Cool bike, cool kid. Very proud mommy and daddy.