Friday, November 28, 2008

Pickin' apples

Pickin' suncrisp apples to be exact. Boog and I went out to Lynd's Fruit Farm early on a Saturday this past October with the intention of picking Asian pears. When we arrived we found out that the pear trees were picked clean the day before. After a brief moment of being totally bummed (complete bummitude!), we decided to pick some Suncrisp apples. The nice pady at the gate assured me they were crispy and sweet; I asked how they compared to my favorite,the fabulous Honeycrisp. She said "Nothing compares to the honeycrisp, honey."

We had a great time going through the orchard, looking for the biggest and best apples. I was somewhat surprised to see that all of the trees are pretty short, maybe 7 to 8 feet tall a the most. The last apple tree I remember seeing was in the yard of a house in Dayton back in fall of 1985. . A classmate of mine was renting a room there and invited us for a picnic - Bambi-burgers, fresh veggies and homemade apple pie! That tree was huge! HUGE, I tell ya! The littel trees at Lynds were full of apples, though, and nearly all were within easy reach.

We picked a full bag and headed back to the car and to the exit gate to pay. Almost all of the apples made it...
Here are some of those that made it home:

The Suncrisps are indeed crisp and sweet. And they're very juicy, too, but next year, I'll be taking the proper Fridays off to pick both Honeycrisps and Asian pears.

There were plenty of other things to do at the big tent Lynds has set up at the big intersection - lot's of fresh baked goods, other crops (gigantic fresh picked cabbage, cucumber, zucchini, peppers, onions, potatoes, and of course, lots of defferent kinds of apples). There was freshly made caramel corn, giant pecan turtles, great hot dogs (again, huge!), fresh squeezed lemonade...nothing was cheap, but it was all tasty.

Can't wait for next fall. We had a great day.