Monday, April 09, 2007

Dinner in a frozen bag?

So after yesterday's Big Easter Dinner (more detailed post coming soon), I decided that today's dinner would be nice and simple - straight from a bag to the pot to the table; I decided to try one of the Bertolli "Classic Dinners" from my grocer's freezer section. They are advertised as "skillet dinners for two that deliver a restaurant-quality at-home dining experience in just minutes". I went with the Chicken ala Vodka & Farfalle. The instructions are simple enough - drop the contents of the bag into a 12" skillet and cook over medium heat for 10 minutes and serve. I can do that...

First a complaint, although I really should have known better. No, it's not about the quality of the meal, but the quantity. Yes - I read the package, I know it says "dinner for 2", and I know that Boogie's eating enough to qualify as a full blown grown-up person now (even more than that. He's gonna really clean us out when he hits those teenage years!), but I figured serving sizes are pretty big these days, based on my restaurant experiences...WRONG! Once the dish was done there was just enough for 2... fortunately we had some leftovers from The Big Easter Dinner.

Second, a compliment. Several, actually. The stuff was pretty good. Yes, I was surprised... There were enthusiastic yummy sounds coming from both sides of me, thing like "This is really good, daddy", and "Mmm, I like this. Is there more?" (sorry, Dear, there isn't...). The sauce was just a tad bit greasy and was just about to break as I took it off the burner and served it up, but it had good mouth and flavor, with lots of garlic and herb taste present. There wasn't nearly as much chicken as I would like, but the chicken that was there was very tender breast meat. It was a bit pricey for a frozen meal, up over $7, so I'm not sure about trying another, but it was simpe and tasty. If I know I'm going to be pressed for time again (ok, so I definately know that'll happen...), I may have to try another, perhaps the Shrimp Fra Diavolo...

Here's the photo essay, start to finish:
The ingredients and tools:

Preparation - As easy as:


(Those big brownish chunks will become the sauce...)

The finished product:

Plated and ready to serve:

If there are two of you and you're not too hungry, give this a try.
If there are two of you and you are hungry, make a salad, make some tomato butter and get some good crusty bread, open up a Chianti (Bertolli's web site says to have a Merlot with it...), THEN give it a try.
It was pretty good.


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