Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Finally. Our long national nightmare is over.

I've kept my personal political views off of this blog since it's inception, save the link to my other website. I've waited for today for a long, long time, though, so I'd like to say, "Here's to you, George. Thanks for mucking things up so bad. Now get the hell out. Good-bye and good riddance, George."

Hey, hey, hey, goodbye

1/20/2009. The end of an error.

We now return to our regularly unscheduled mostly food posts.



Ellen in Texas said...

For some of us, the nightmare is just beginning. It's all perspective Lorence.

Columbus said...

Lorence, let's check back in 2 years in January 2011 and see how you like living in the U.S. when the banking, construction and health care sectors are all nationalized, and the 245 Guatanamo prisoners are living freely in Yemen.

Lorence, Columbus, Ohio said...

I understand Ellen in Texas. I'd be upset, too, if he was going to be living permanently in my state.