Monday, January 02, 2012

Baked Egg Cups

I saw a couple of interesting posts while perusing Printerst a couple of nights ago and tried my hand this morning - Roasted Egg cups with ham.
Here are the two posts that I saw:
Bacon, Egg, and Toast Cups
Baked Egg Cups

I didn't have any bacon in the house (I know, for shame...), but I did have some deli ham (Kroger Private Select Smokehouse ham) that I had just bought, so off I went.
First, I spray greased the muffin pan and the cups with some bread I had rolled flat.
Then I placed a slice of ham in the cup, a little bit of cheese, and then cracked an egg into it.
I topped each with a little salt & pepper and a couple of strips of prosciutto.
Then into the oven (375ยบ) for 20 minutes, and voila, breakfast!

Give it a try!



Neilesh Patel (Recruiter focused on Food Manufacturing Jobs) said...

I came across your blog today and enjoyed it. Is it ok if we re-post some of your entries in our newsletter? I just think a lot of the food and beverage people who visit our community would like reading some of your posts, even though they are mainly industry professionals, they are still ‘foodies’. Let me know. :)


Dave said...

Very cool Lorence! I can't believe how clean your muffin pan is.

Lorence, Columbus, Ohio said...

I don't use that one (or any other!) very much, I'm just not much of a baker. That's also a "mini" muffin pan, not very deep. I'm going to get a regular one, though - these are realy fun and tasty. I made some this weekend that I stuck a couple of almost cooked 1/2 rashers of bacon into before putting them in the oven. still topped them with a bit of prosciutto.

Lorence, Columbus, Ohio said...

Neilesh, I certainly don't mind your site linking back. Have at it.