Thursday, May 10, 2007

Another EBay coup!

I recently added to my collection of Ecko Flint utensils with an EBay win of a set that included 3 new pieces for me: a flat icing spatula, A small (about 5") strainer, and a short offset spatula with a long blade.

The slotted spoon goes into Boogie's collection for him to use when he's older and on his own (I'll get to keep my set then!) and the ladle and fork will go to the annual garage sale, since I have 3 of each now. All in all, a very exciting purchase, and a great value at only about $8 a piece including shipping.

It's been a pretty heavy past 2 months on EBay for these tools, with 6 or 7 sets appearing after a year of nothin'. It appears to be slowing down, though and that's good, since I've already spent my quota for a while...


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Casmee said...

OMG! Those are my mother's tools! They are the best ever! She still has them after maybe 35 years or so, and they're indestructable! I seriously have to go on Ebay and get me some. My mom also has some old Ecko knoves that are better than my Wusthoffs from Williams Sonoma!