Saturday, March 17, 2007

Re-runs and Updates

This has been a week of re-runs, which has been good, since it has allowed me to take some photos for posts I've made that didn't have any. Tonight we had Spicy Chicken and Eggplant,as good as always and I've added a couple of shots to the original post.
We also did the Carribean pork again, photos and all. Leftovers were enjoyed as well, and it was even better the second day!

BTW, the large spoon in the photo of the black beans cooking is part of the set of utensils I took when I left home the last time before my final year of college. It's part of an old Ecko Flint vanadium stainless steel set. I have most of the pieces, which I believe my mother received as a gift more than 45 years ago:

I'm not sure when Ecko stopped making them, but it would be a brilliant idea if someone could convince the powers that be at Ecko to bring them back. In the past few years. with the help of Ebay, I've gotten a second ladle and a couple of mashers and am trying to get other pieces, like the slotted spoon and offset spatula. These are the very best utensils ever made. Their stainless steel stands up to the most vicious abuse (I should know, I've been abusing them for over 20 years), the solid rivets never let go of the Bakelite handles and they are weighted and balanced perfectly. So if you're after them, too, please have a heart and don't outbid me! My goal is to make a complete second set, so when my son leaves home he can take his own and leave mine alone!

We also had the Sausage Pasta with Goat Cheese (sorry, I forgot to take photos again...), and the shrimp etouffe, too. It was quite a tasty week!


UPDATE: 3/19/07 11:00 P.M.
I just won an Ebay auction (yeeha!) of a six piece set of the Ecko Utensils described above, including a Potato Masher, a Ladle, a Slotted Spoon, a Pancake Spatula, an Offset Spatula, & a Meat Fork. The picture below is from the auction:

I have the spatula, masher, ladle and fork, but I've always wanted the slotted spoon & didn't know about the offset splatula 'til last week. And the fork is going to be a great addition since mine has a crack at the very top of the bakelite - it's been that way as long as I can remember, 30 or more years at least. This makes my second set that more complete!


Al said...

Those offset slotted spatulas are rare. Don't know why, it took my mom well over 40 years to break hers, but it was hard to find a replacement on eBay, and that one was marked Ekco. An original Flint one in a set will at least quadruple the auction price.

Leigh Ann said...

These are the greatest utensils! I got my grandmother's set and my sister got our great-aunt's set. She later spent hundreds of dollars on a set of Cutco utensils to replace them. After a year or so, she came to the conclusion that she far prefers the Flint Ekco set. Every time I see a piece at a thrift store I grab it. Usually for less than a dollar!