Friday, March 30, 2007

First Sushi - Summer Rolls

We recently started going to a new grocery store - ok, an old store, but a new location for us - the Kroger in Grandview. It's a pretty nice store compared to the Kroger that's closer to us where they've removed the service meat and seafood counters, and many of the more healthy items we buy (like Kashi Heart to Heart cereal). The Grandview store has a Starbucks, an olive bar(the garlic stuffed olives were great!) and an automated deli computer that lets you pick your order from the touchscreen, take your ticket from the printer and come back later to pick your order up from the cooler next to the olive bar. No more waiting for your turn to order and waiting for it o be sliced, all while your ice cream sandwiches melt...

There's also has a sushi counter... Yeah, I know what you're probably thinking, sushi from the grocery store? Are you crazy? Well, no, I'm not - there was the sushi chef at the gleamingly clean counter, making it up fresh and it looked pretty good - see for yourself - this is what we bought for our first taste of sushi:

Those are summer rolls - tapioca wrappers around avocado, cucumber sticks, some lettuce, carrots and surimi with a pack of sweet hot sauce. An interesting and successful first foray for us.

So the next week Boogie and I returned to the same store and, of course, we had to stop and pick up an other pack of sushi, and at Boogie's insistence, a different kind this time. I'm not exactly sure what these are called, but again, they're a pretty basic roll - Seaweed wrapped around rice around surimi, packaged with some wasabi, soy sauce and a bit of sweet/hot pickled ginger.
Boog couldn't wait to break into it when we got home. First, though, he had to get his chopsticks out (Hold-Stix), and a small bowl for his soy sauce, then he dug in; I have no idea where he learned to eat sushi, but he from what I know, he did it just right:

Between the 3 of us, we ate most of the pack right then and we all liked it. and Boogie finished the remaining few pieces for lunch the next day. So this weekend, we''ll be returning to try something new again, some nigiri this time, maybe even unagi (or as Ross Geller from Friends would say, Danger!!! or ¡¡¡Peligro!!! I never knew Friends was so funny in Spanish!), aka barbecued eel.

We'll see how long this sushi adventure lasts. So far, it's been pretty interesting.


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