Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Vijay's Kheema recipe- Updated!

In April of 2007 I posted a recipe for Kheema that was given to me by Vijay, the husband of one of my co-workers. Earlier that month, Vijay had a very serious intracranial bleed (stroke) that doctors say only 5% of those stricken with survive. Thankfully, Vijay has not only survived, but has amazed his doctors with his recovery, and he seems to improve daily still.
When they went to make kheema a few weeks ago, they actually printed my posting since the original recipe was in Vijay's head , and Vijay's memory was still in recovery (ok, yes it is on paper, but in his native tongue which his wife can't read...). Proof of Vijay's recovery came quickly as he realized that what I had posted was missing a few ingredients and steps.

The original recipe has been updated to include the additional seasonings (curry leaves, cardamom, cumin seeds) and the process of grinding them first...
Check it out here. Nothin' like some good ol' spicy Punjabi comfort food when the weather turns cool...

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