Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Rollover! Finally...

In October of 1992, our Renault Reliant's transmission died ( A Renault? What the hell were we thinking?!?). We wound up buying our first brand spankin' new car, a green Toyota Tercel Dx. 15 years later, she burns oil (typical for a Tercel) to the tune of a quart every three weeks, but she still gets great gas, rides real smooth and is completely dependable. She's only had one battery replacement (a new Diehard after 11 years of using the original) and no major engine work in all those years.

Today, she finally rolled over the 100,000 mile mark. Last night the odometer read 99999.0:
After dropping Boogie off at school, I got to see this:

and I even got to make a small blurry shaky darkish video to commemorate the occasion (Martin Scorsese I'm not...) :

I know 100,000 miles isn't that big of a deal these days, but after 15 years of driving this old faithful car, I'm pretty excited to finally reach this milestone.

ok, ok, I'll get some food postings up soon...


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