Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ebay and Ecko - Another win!

We've been using the same old colander for over 20 years - a cheap (yet obviously sturdy) buck ninety-nine Odd Lots plastic colander. Now, if yuou've read some of my older posts, you know I have nothing against using durable old kitchen equipment. As a matter of fact, I prefer it. So when a 50+ year old Ecko Flint Stainless colander came up on my saved search for Ecko stuff on Ebay, I was pretty jazzed. I immediately put it on my watch list and bid on it onthe final day of the auction. I probably paid more for it than I should have, and shipping was, wel, shipping always seems high to me, but the seller sent it out immediately, it was exactly as described and packed very well. Into the dishwater and then right to work it went, draining that night's pasta for dinner.

Another addition to my working Ecko collection. Yippe for me!
11 inches from side to side and 4 1/2 inches tall

The stampings on the bottom



Columbus Foodie said...

You know, my grandmother had one just like this that I donated to Goodwill before I moved out to Ohio (because stupid 23 year old me didn't realize that old and indestructible beats new and shiny and soon broken any day). Great find, hold on to that baby, it will probably outlast you. ;)

Dave said...

Nice catch Lorence! Ebay works well sometimes. Happy New Year.

Lorence, Columbus, Ohio said...

Becke, I plan on having htis a LONG time! Gathering these and using them regularly is also helping me teach those very values you mention to Boogie. It's hard for a 7 year old to understand that old and sturdy really is better than new and flashy.

Dave, I had pretty good luck so far with Ebay. I'm pretty particular and I definately know my limits. of course it doesn't hurt that I'm usually looking for oddball stuff!

Fabien said...
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