Friday, January 04, 2008

Hello, Goodbye? No, Hello Ci'ao!

One of the first places we tried using our 2007 Prestige Dining Club was the Ci'ao Bar and Grill in Upper Arlington. The 3 of us arrived fairly early and the place wasn’t very busy. We were met and seated by the owner who informed us that this was their first night open after a remodel, so not everything on the menu would be available, but most were. We looked over the menu to order and found, not surprisingly, a mostly Italian theme. I can’t really remember what we ordered, but I think one of us had the lasagna and I know Boogie had a small pizza. We were all very pleased with our selections. I remember the lasagna was housemade (he said it was his wife in the kitchen cookin’ up all that goodness) and was very good – the details escape me, but I remember the portion was generous and the flavor as a homemade lasagna should be, rich and meaty. Boogie’s pizza was also satisfying. The cost of one of our entrees was comp’d because of our Prestige card, but even at full price it would have been a good value.

We’ll be going back again with our 2008 card and probably a time or two again.

Ciao Restaurant
2820 Nottingham Rd
Columbus, OH 43221



Bob said...

Ciao here .... thanks for the mention....we have a year under our belt, a new chef and some new menu items. The lasagna and pizza are (IMHO) still as good as ever. We look fwd to seeing you on your return visit!

Lorence, Columbus, Ohio said...

The lasagna is definitely as good if not better! We stopped in last week (we were there during the last snow storm). After the Calamari appetizer, Boogie and I split the lasagna and my wife had the Penne alla vodka. It was all very good - Boogie raved about the tomato Bisque, even telling the waitress (was her name Lindsey?) that it was the best soup he'd ever had. We certainly won't be so long between visits again.