Saturday, June 03, 2006

Surf and Turf tonight

Steamed crab legs and grill marinated steak (with a side of steamed fresh green beans) - that was tonights supper and it was damn good. I found a really good price on wild caught Canadian snow crab legs today at Kroger ($4 a pound!), and I had already planned on the grilled steak, so it worked out perfectly. The steak was a pretty cheap cut, thin sliced top round tip steak, but I marinated it for about a half hour in Lawry's Italian Garlic Steak mariniade and threw it on my little gas grill for a few minutes on each side. The meat came out tasty and tender, the marinade making a definate impression and was well liked by the whole family. But the crab legs stole the show. We each had a nice sized cluster, and I've never seen my (almost) 6 year old tear into food the way he went after those crab legs! I was sure to keep my hands away from his plate for fear of losing a finger to his shell cracker!
Speaking of cheap cuts of meat, there's an interesting guide to cuts of meat and their tenderness at Barbecue'n on the Internet, along with a LOT of other stuff I haven't had time to read yet...


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