Wednesday, July 11, 2007

If it's cheap and easy it must be...Slutty Chicken

With a name like that, you know there's a story...

So what do I make for dinner when I haven't been to the grocery store in a while and all I've got is one large boneless chicken breast and some pasta...? Dang, not even a can or jar of tomato sauce. Ah, my wife is headed to Target - "Hey, Honey, pick up a jar of sauce while you're out, ok?" So she returns with a cheap jar of Target brand "Traditional" spaghetti sauce - 99¢; I dump 2/3's of it into a medium sized sauce pan and add the diced up chicken (which I had gotten pretty cheap, too, on sale for $1.29 lb). I dropped in some dried basil, dried oregano and a couple of minced cloves of garlic, then slow simmered it covered for about 40 minutes (stirring occasionally, of course) while Boogie and I played Lego... There was a package of Kroger brand campanelle in the cupboard (another whole 99¢), so I boiled that up.

The chicken had cooked up so tender in the sauce that it was falling apart into shreds -just perfect and exactly what I had in mind... I served the sauce over the campanelle with some grated Parmigiano-Reggiano (the most expensive item in the entire meal!).

Both my wife and Boogie were happily wolfing it down when I realized that I had just made a meal that was cheap and easy and for some reason it reminded me of a girl we all knew about in high school - thus the name, Slutty Chicken.

Sorry, no photos, so just make some and see for yourself.


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