Thursday, July 12, 2007

North Market Food Blogger Meet & Greet

How far behind am I?

(Ok, that's just a rhetorical question. I really do know how far behind I am and it's not measured in numbers any more....)

Last month, at the beginning of last month, I was fortunate enough to be invited to an informal meet & greet with some of the other Columbus food bloggers at the North Market. I was really excited and brought Boogie along for the ride with the promise (read:bribe) of Heil's potato salad which we both agree is the best potato salad In-The-World. We arrived and met up with Rosie from Bitchin' in the Kitchen with Rosie and Lisa from Restaurant Widow. We said our hellos and went off to hunt saladified potatoes... After a successful hunt we returned to chat some more and were joined by Dave from Dave's Beer and his family, too. I hadn't read Dave's blog before, but I'm a regular now. Dave has some wonderful insights into everyday life trying to raise a child and writes about them so very well. He and I have some similar opinions about and experiences in being fathers "later in life"...

We all had a good time talking about food, grocery stores, Thurns, kids, and what-not, and I'm pretty sure a good time was had by all. I hope we can do it again before summer's end, and have some of the other great Columbus food bloggers join us. There are so many!

The North Market seems to me to be the perfect place to meet - It has everything and My wife and I have decided that we need to visit much more often in our quest to eat a more healthful diet.
For thorough run-downs on the latest happenings at the North Market and other local farm markets , check out the afore mentioned Restaurant Widow and also Columbus Foodie - she's always my first stop when perusing the local blogs...

It was a great morning and I wish I could have stayed longer. Maybe next time!



Dave said...

Hey Lorence,

Great meeting you too. We'll have to do it again sometime. I'm toying with the idea of a small get-together at my place to sample a new brew I made recently.

Have fun with the new grill!

Lorence said...

Sounds great - I saw your post on Weber_cam about the new brew. that's a great stove you've got! We have an old (1936?) Magic Chef gas that's been sitting unused in our basement since 1950 when the current Frigidaire electric was installed. Yep, we're a bit outdated... We've just begun our 1st kitchen "re-model", which I'll probably blog about, a sort of on-the-cheap remodel by just stripping the wallpaper (I have one small piece removed, backing still in place - Like I said, we've just begun...), washing/painting the walls, replacing the floor, refinishing the current cabinets and FINALLY replacing the stove and fridge. I'd really like a reconditioned 1947 o'keefe & merrit (about $4.5K), but that was quickly shot down by the boss. So now I'm shooting for either a Jenn-Air Dual Fuel or a Bosch Evolution 700. May wind up with a GE Profile or Maytag Gemini Duel Fuel, though. Any one of them would be a huge improvement.