Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We're Grillin'!

I finally have a gril! Hooray for me! Hooray for Father's day! boogie took me to Target and showed me the grill he wanted me to get, a little Aussie with a side burner ("You know you want one with a side burner, Daddy"). It took us the better part of an evening to get it put together (1/2 hour, my ass...):
Of course, this time included a good 10 minute hunt for a dropped wing nut on the driveway as darkness crept in...

Eventually (2 hours later) we were approaching the finish line...
And finally arrived!

A couple of days later we made it to the store for a Blue Rhino and we were a'grillin'! But, Whoa! not so fast...the valve on the first gas tank we brought home was stuck - I could open it, but nothing came out at all - couldn't get the grill to light. We brought it back, got an exchange from the nice lady there and hooked it up, turned the knobs and pressed the button - FOOM!

Ah, I Man! Make Fire! Fire Good!!!!

I walked around and grunted for a minute or so, letting my inner caveman out. Felt good.

So now I have fire, er, a hot grill. It would have been nice if I had remembered to get something good to toss on the grill, though, once I was ready to start. Yeah, that would've been smart.

all I had was a round steak, so I figured that would have to do. I seasoned it up with some worchestershire, soy, and some garlic powder and tossed it on the grate. Ah, yes, the sound of sizzling beef, music to my ears.
It was far from perfect, but I had to start somewhere, and I'm desperately out of practice (Dave would be so ashamed of me).

I'll do better, I promise!


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