Monday, July 30, 2007

Dinner from a bag, Part Duex

Back in April, I made a Bertoll frozen dinner, Chicken ala Vodka & Farfallei (see this post for details) and it wasn't bad. It wasn't great, but for a quick meal with minimal effort (a must these days as we try to keep up with an active little boy), not bad at all. So it wasn't a stretch for me to grab another to try when the inevitable time-crunch-to-dinner came around (again).

This time I went for the Orecchiette with Broccoli ina Garlic and Olive Oil sauce. It certainly sounded good and I've really had a hankering for Orecchiette lately. We used to get a very nice dish of Orecchietti with goat cheese at the Cafe Bistro at the Easton Town Center Nordstrom (it doesn't appear to be on the menu anymore), and I haven't had it for a long while. I didn't have to wait much longer for my little ears. About 2 days later, pressed for time, I dove into the frigid "depths "of my little freezer and yanked out the Bertolli...

I tossed it into the pan and sauted some shrimp in garlic to go with it (remembering the portion size from last time). The shrimp turned out great. The rest? It was...barely OK. Lots of little broken pieces of broccoli, not enough flavor, and pretty bland. Garlic? Wasn't there supposed to be garlic in this thing? Yeah, I thought that's what it said....and yet, nothin'.

Sorry, no pics of this one, it just wasn't' worth the effort. I was disappointed to say the least, but perhaps my expectations were just too high.

I will be trying to make a version of this that tastes as I was expecting - I just have to find some decent orecchietti. Dinner in a bag can't be all bad, can it? So far I'm 1 for 2. We'll try something new once I get over myself from this one...


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Columbus Foodie said...

Carfagna's on E. Dublin-Granville Rd. has a HUGE selection of pasta, orecchiette included. That's where I usually get mine, and I have yet to be disappointed.

Yeah, those meals in a bag can be pretty grim, especially since it would take you about the same amount of time to make the same dish from scratch, LOL. Me? I'd make something like this and substitute broccoli for the broccoli rabe.